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About INVOKAMET® & INVOKAMET® XR | INVOKANA® (canagliflozin)

Two effective medicines—combined

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INVOKAMET® XR and INVOKAMET® are prescription medications that combine INVOKANA® (canagliflozin) and metformin into just one pill.

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INVOKAMET® XR/INVOKAMET® is proven to lower blood sugar (A1C).
Used along with diet and exercise, INVOKAMET® XR and INVOKAMET® significantly lower blood sugar (A1C) better than metformin extended release alone.

What are the differences between INVOKAMET® XR and INVOKAMET®?

Taken once daily

Releases slowly in your body over time

Taken twice daily

Releases quickly in your body over a short period of time


Both medications combine two effective medicines—INVOKANA® (canagliflozin) and metformin—into just one pill to help lower blood sugar (A1C) levels.

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INVOKANA® (canagliflozin) works with your kidneys to help you lose some sugar through the process of urination.

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Metformin helps decrease the amount of sugar your liver produces and improves your body’s response to insulin.

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Combined with diet and exercise, INVOKAMET® XR and INVOKAMET® help lower A1C levels to help you manage your type 2 diabetes.

Talk to your doctor about whether INVOKAMET® XR or INVOKAMET® may be right for you.