12-week wellness program

Celebrate Your Achievements

Recap how far you’ve come—and plan for continued success!


You’ve worked hard to create some healthy new habits! However far you’ve come on your journey to better manage your diabetes, you have plenty to celebrate. Instead of worrying that you’ll fall back into bad habits, think about all that you’ve gained through this program that will support your continued success:

You’ve got goals. You’ve set goals for eating better, staying active and staying on top of your medical care. Outlining the plan is often the hardest part. Plus, you have tracking tools and checklists to keep you on task.

You’ve learned how to master some habits of healthy eaters. You know how to plan ahead. You’ve learned lifelong skills for shopping, cooking and ordering healthy meals.

You’ve implemented strategies for getting more exercise. Or if you haven’t, you’ve at least started thinking about it. That’s the first step.

You’ve learned how to become a problem solver. You’ve figured out how to keep your eating and exercise goals in sight, despite the unexpected. You’ve learned how to navigate restaurant menus, and even learned how to handle saboteurs.

You’ve learned how to identify problem behaviors and negative thinking, and are equipped with the ability to replace them with healthy attitudes and habits.

You know where to turn for support. You’ve identified the people and resources in your life that you can call on whenever you need information, direction, inspiration or just a listening ear.

A glance back at the past 12 weeks may show a major turnaround in your thinking and your actions. As your journey continues, you’ll keep revising and changing your goals. If you feel like you could use more skills or practice in any of the areas listed above, come back and explore more of the program.

Keeping up your healthier lifestyle takes commitment, yes, but it’s worth it. Feeling good—physically and emotionally—may improve your relationships with family, friends and significant others. It may be the key to trying new and exciting things that you previously avoided.

And the new habits you’ve developed within this program may provide you with an ongoing sense of empowerment: you’ve done this great thing for yourself—and that’s something to celebrate.

Here’s to your success, now and always!

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