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How to Make Frozen Yogurt Without an Ice Cream Maker

EatingWell food editor Jessie Price demonstrates how to make frozen yogurt without an ice cream maker, in a food processor. This homemade strawberry frozen yogurt recipe is ready in minutes and uses just four simple ingredients to make an easy, healthy dessert.

Hi, this is Jessie. I'm here in the EatingWell Test Kitchen, and I'm going to show you how to make an unbelievable instant strawberry frozen yogurt. You take frozen strawberries and a little bit of SPLENDA®. Process those up in your food processor. While that's happening, stir together nonfat plain yogurt and lemon juice. Pour that down through the feed tube of the processor as it's running. Scrape down the sides a little bit and keep on processing until it's smooth and creamy. And that's it. You just made delicious strawberry frozen yogurt in mere minutes.

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