12-week wellness program

12-week wellness program

introducing the 12-week wellness program

Successfully managing type 2 diabetes takes more than effective medication—it requires making a real commitment to your total well-being. That’s why we partnered with diabetes, fitness, and nutrition experts to create the 12-week wellness program.

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features of the 12-week wellness program

The 12-week wellness program contains valuable information and resources delivered right to your inbox to help you live well with type 2 diabetes. These are just some of the features you can expect to receive.
  • empowering action plans
  • downloadable checklists to guide healthier habits
  • nourishing, tasty meal plans (with shopping lists)
  • personalized recipe search tool that recommends recipes for you
  • inspiring articles
  • slideshows of delicious recipes and healthy-living tips
  • how-to cooking and healthy-eating videos
  • weekly e-newsletters to keep you focused

Week 1: Let's go!

Week 2: Counting carbs

Week 3: What can I eat?

Week 4: Getting moving

Week 5: Testing & taking care

Week 6: Reducing risks

Week 7: Getting support

Week 8: Staying positive

Week 9: Eating smarter

Week 10: Keeping motivated

Week 11: Outsmarting obstacles

Week 12: Keeping it going