James Earl Jones shares his story

Even a legendary actor can get type 2 diabetes. Watch Mr. Jones' videos about life, living well with his condition, and how he found success with INVOKANA®. You can also watch other people's stories of success here.

James Earl Jones' story

Mr. Jones has a family history of type 2 diabetes and struggled to lower his blood sugar until his doctor prescribed INVOKANA®. Mr. Jones shares how he really loved his numbers while taking INVOKANA®.

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James Earl Jones' story (full interview)


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Join Mr. Jones and learn more about INVOKANA®, living well with type 2 diabetes, and other topics.

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Use the INVOKANA® doctor discussion guide to help you get the most out of conversations with your doctor.

INVOKANA® is the first in the newest class of medicines that works with the kidneys to lower A1C.

The Janssen CarePath for INVOKANA® support program has your total well-being in mind—and everything you need to help you live well with type 2 diabetes.

INVOKANA® is covered by most insurance plans, and you may even be eligible for a $0 co-pay* every month if you qualify.
*For most privately insured patients. Restrictions apply.

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